Objectives Of A Strategic Plan Essay examples

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Creating a strategic plan can be difficult and time consuming, but in the end acts as a guideline for future decisions and conduct relating to the goals, ideals and the execution of the plan. For the most part, a five step process is used to create, implement and monitor a strategic plan. Each step is a crucial part in creating a plan that will be not only utilizable, but also sustainable. A strategic plan is required for companies that would like to excel with their marketing campaign because it is the benchmark for the company’s aspirations. The plan is developed through cooperation between the marketing manager, the marketing team and individuals who occupy different positions within the corporate ladder. While the marketing team may be extensively involved in the planning process, other high ranking officials will also be included. The strategic plan must take into account corporate values and procedures, and must be measurable and achievable.
STEP 1: DEVELOP A STRATEGIC VISION, A MISSION STATEMENT AND CORE VALUES The first step in developing a strategic plan is to sort out and create the organizational tenets that will help to guide all further decisions. In the case of Google, a company created in January 1996, there are already well founded ideas behind the company, and therefore it is important to understand the previous ideas and the already defined corporate vision, ethics, mission statement, and core values. In some cases where the strategic vision is already…

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