Swot Analysis Of Kenwood

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Need analysis:
Marketing plan is part of a broader concept known as strategic planning and To do a marketing plan, the company needs to know the market’s needs and how your competition meets those needs. In reference to chapter 1 a need is a state of felt deprivation. We are a kitchen appliances shop, so our market's needs are Consumers who need to drink a cup of coffee but don't want to exert the effort in doing it or reheating it if they forgot about it, our product that is easy to use and saves time and effort, they also need a safe product. Kenwood meets the customer needs by adding this product as it can make a cup of coffee in less than 60 seconds. And It so safe to use. Its price is affordable. As for our competitors they do not
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As mentioned earlier our company is the KENWOOD for electric kitchen appliance. We have researched gathered some information about Kenwood's swot analysis and with our strong background about the company that we chose we can now give you a brief but informative swot …show more content…
Also it has a shared set of values and mutually reinforcing beliefs about the importance of innovation as well as an integrated pattern of behavior that supports research and innovation so that means we have a very well qualified R&D department also that search for the customer's needs and develop new ideas. A second strength that is widely clear is our Brand name and brand loyalty, we have a strong brand name and loyalty that's major strength of Kenwood electrical appliances. This gives Kenwood electrical appliances the ability to charge higher prices for their products because consumers place additional value in the brand. Its recognized immediately and its more than a logo, our brand lives and evolves in the minds and hearts of our potential clients. It’s a set of emotions and ideas consumers associate with our company and more of strong brand that stands out in the marketplace and positions the company as an irreplaceable lifelong partner to their clients, also having brand loyalty made our consumers become committed to our brand and make repeat purchases over time regardless of price. Kenwood appreciates their customers loyalty that no matter what they are going to choose Kenwood over its competitors even though they charge better prices but they are fully aware of

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