Northgate Swot Analysis

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Northgate was created by an immigrant family of fifteen people. The parents Miguel Gonzales and the wife Teresa Reynoso with all their thirteen children. They are from a small town called Jalostotitlan, Jalisco Mexico. The Miguel owned a shoe market at the time and it burned in the year of 1952, and their loca church helped them raise money for what they had lost. It took the family fourteen years to get everything they owned back again, and when they did the Miguel and his older sons left to the United States to Los Angeles leaving the rest of the family behind. In the year of 1975 all the family was gathered once again in La Mirada, California. Their first ever opening of their store was here in Anaheim California in January 2nd, 1980. The …show more content…
Pay Less” much like Wal-Mart, they have had rivalry since the company first established. Target is also seen in the S&P Index with huge profits. Target Headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota where the retail store is all over North America. In 1962 the very first Target store was opened, In 1902 the company was founded by Goodfellow Dry Goods. Recently, Target has 1,801 locations throughout the United States. George Draper Dayton first Established Goodfellow Dry Goods in 1902, where he then changed the name to Dayton Dry Goods in 1903. Target is consider a chain of discount stores that, all stores average around 95,000 - 135,000 square feet. As of 2004 Target included Target Photo, Pharmacy, Starbucks, Pizza Press, Jamba Juice and so on. Target is now one of the most profitable retail store in the business, well of course behind Wal-Mart. In over 113 years in business, the total revenue of the target has made 72.618 billion in the according to the U.S Market. Target is now focusing in seeking new innovative way to provide their guest more value and strengthen the business in the community. Target is a wide range from food items to video games, a huge variety of choices and remarkable prices compared as well to other stores. Target is now operating an Australian version of the cooperation, in 1973 although from the naming rights, the American and Australian companies unaffiliated. Target carries a huge variety of produce from deli items to sport equipments as well having popular brands. Target now operates a “Super Target” which is a chain of hypermarkets that contain a more diversity of items. As of “Super Target” they also happen to have city targets that are located in cities of course, but not much of choices of brands to choose from, a limit is

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