Importance And Importance Of Strategic Planning

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The strategic planning process is key component in moving your organization forward in an efficient manner utilizing best practices methods. Strategic planning can make your organization more efficient, increase profit, increase worker productivity, or align all of your departments to be in-line with your overall strategic goals. A well-executed strategic plan can be the pinnacle which turns the entire culture of your organization around. Organization choosing not to participate in the strategic planning process faces the prospect of failure because they have no direction to lead the organization. Because the strategic planning process is so important you need to have a system to ensure your process is working, your goals are being met and your objectives are achieved. You have to be able to ensure the strategic plan is not failing or falling short. Often times during the planning and implementation process the plan seems very feasible however falls short. I will be talking about the evaluating the strategic plan and the importance this plays in making sure the plan is effective. …show more content…
If the goal is to increase the amount of product manufactured and the objectives are to do this by increasing the employee skill and confidence in the manufacturing process. You need to have a set of measurable performance goals. One way to do this is to set individual goals for the employee doing the task. An example would be if you have a welder you can look at how his welds are being done compared to industry standards. When you start looking at performance measures from managerial contributions and departmental contributions this will get a little harder. However looking at the departmental level is not impossible. One thing you can do is look at the overall performance of the individuals in the department, how they are preforming and are they meeting the objectives of the

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