Objective And Objective Employability

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Employability is related to the chance or probability to acquire or maintain employment. It may be classified into two types: objective (actual) or perceived (subjective). Objective employability is defined as “relating to how easy (or difficult) it may be, in reality, for an individual to get new employment”. Perceived employability may be defined as “the individual’s perception of his or her possibilities of obtaining or maintaining employment”. In other words, objective employability is based on objective reality, while perceived employability is based on individual’s subjective evaluation.
The human capital (i.e., job qualification) is considered one of the variables that increase individual’s employability, and some empirical studies pointed this consideration out. The level of job-related qualifications was found positively associated to employability. Formal education alone was found positive related to perceived employability. Accordingly, may be said that investments in job qualifications lead to employability.
Employability theory does not specify whether the qualifications are higher than any criterion. Nonetheless, person-job fit theory proposes that workers’ qualifications must be compatible with the job requirements. Then, it may be supposed all individuals in identical job position are compatible with job
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By one hand, workers offer their contributions to organization. Among workers’ contributions are their qualifications, such as intelligence, formal education, training, job skills and experience. By the other hand, organization offers its rewards to workers. Organizational rewards are payment, status, promotions, and so on. To be considered as such, contributions and rewards must have their existence and relevance recognized by individual and

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