Case Study Of L. L Bean And Aflac Insurance

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The case study is based on two companies that are L.L. Bean and Aflac Insurance. The case study is related to the use of total rewards by companies in order to support the organization’s missions and values, which achieve strategic outcomes. The base company is Aflac to understand and get the idea about the compensation and benefit structures, which achieve organizational outcomes.
Company uses its own products or services to enhance the total compensation for its employees
Aflac offers its products to its all dedicated employees without any cost; for instance proposing employer-paid life insurance, which Aflac paid company supported accident protection insurance and cancer policy. Aflac dedicate its resources to determinations,
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However, Aflac identifies the definite value of employee benefits, which resulted with the general philosophy, which is all about employee. Hence, considering the competitive salaries, Aflac involves planning benefits packages, which reveal the requirements of multi-generational employees by looking for portability, which seeks constancy. Hence, it is related to developing positive work environment, which is conductive to efficiency that offers one largest on-site fitness and service discounts. In this way, it recompenses 100% of top employee for radical cancer insurance, which is in accordance with company’s charitable commitments as publically accountable company that positions Aflac by leading industry to enhance the service levels since it is essential for the company.
L.L. Bean has recognized the weakness with the strategic review as the company holds the financial and human resources, which geared with growth of catalogue business, which includes retail expansion by means of internet sales. In this way, diversification shows the first step towards taking the staffing to the next level.
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There are so many employee benefits, which become a noticeable line item on profit and loss statements, which improves the achievement by organizational outcomes, which remains justified. However, the prime theme in Aflac’s communication is employees’ healthcare that cost containment with an employer, which has employees with shared responsibility.
Recommendations regarding an expansion of the benefits programs offered at the company
It is recommended to Aflac for the development of the beneficial programs obtainable at the company would additional bring into line with HR along with the success of organizational goals and standards. Considering the business ethics, it is recommended to Aflac to not only focus on the health concerns but also focus on the other perks like vacations or national or international trip, or other forms of rewards like free lunch or dinner coupons, shopping voucher, etc. as a token of appreciation.

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