Health Care Reform Bill Act And How Did It Come Into Existence?

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Introduction: What is the Health Care Reform Bill Act and how did it come into existence?

In March of 2010, President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is normally known as Obamacare is an endeavor at Health Care reform. Healthcare reform is thought to be required due to soaring costs, low quality of care, Americans lacking medical coverage and to put a stop to healthcare fraud (Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs , 2014). In this paper I will discuss the ACA projected timeline of changes, the key features of the law and what affect the changes has on employees and employers as well as how the law has affected organizations method toward benefit planning.

Body I- the time line of proposed changes
Once the law was put into place in 2010 the United States healthcare system had to implement these changes. However the proposed timeline of these changes had a series of delay from the Obama administration in order to make modifications to how the statue will work in practice. The changes were provoked by administration technical and other issues in dispatching the, the online insurance marketplace that three dozen states depend on and changes in response to complaints by consumers or parts of the healthcare industry. The modifications took about a year and businesses, insurance companies and people of the United States had to make alterations to their policies due to the ACA if changes weren’t implemented there were penalties given to…

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