Positive Effects Of Obamacare

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The development of Obamacare helps to increase the utilization of health care, improve the quality, and makes healthcare more affordable. Another factor that may affect health care providers is more providers may be willing to accept Medicaid insurance. Overall, Obamacare will increase business and the use of services, which will most likely cause a decrease in the cost of health care services.
Policy implementation:
The beginning phase for the implementation of Obamacare is rulemaking. In this process the rules and regulations of Obamacare were developed. Every level of government is involved with the making of Obamacare, but the executive branch plays the primary role. Even though Congress passed Obamacare and president Obama signed off
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As well as, protecting Americans from the burden of expensive health care and debt concerns. A question to ask while evaluating the policy is, is Obama Care beneficial or non-beneficial to America? Obamacare creates efforts into pushing the U.S into more of a nationwide healthcare system. One of the biggest healthcare issues is many Americans are uninsured or cannot afford to pay the excessively expensive health insurance prices. With this issue the health of the nation suffers, along with the quality and accessibility of care. Obamacare is beneficial because it helps to insure those who typically cannot afford health care services and are uninsured. However, there are still millions of citizens who do not meet the requirements for Obamacare and are struggling to obtain needed care due to the burden of expenses. The policy is making efforts to improve the health of the nation, but may never reach that goals fully due to the fact of not all citizens are eligible to receive Obamacare insurance. Therefore, the U.S will always have citizens who can’t afford health care, uninsured, and can’t access care when needed. What good is a policy that isn’t fulfilling the needs of all Americans and isn’t benefiting everyone on the same level? Hyman stated, that with the government nearly bankrupt the goal of lowering health care cost will most likely not happen (Hyman, 2013). …show more content…
However, there are still improvements that need to happen and more support to be gained. Obamacare was developed to better the cost, quality, access, and protect the citizens of America. In the past few years the number of uninsured citizens have dropped. Obamacarefact.com stated, “According to the CDC and Census data, for the first three months of 2015 the uninsured rate is 9.2% down from 15.7% before the Affordable Care Act was signed into law.” Not only is this a step to improving the access to care; but creating a healthier America also, which are some goals of the ACA. Health care spending may still be seen as excessively high for some but with the ACA, more citizens now have affordable health care and can seek medical attention. The quality of care is on a rise with the health of America. Even though Obamacare is seen as a waste of time or in a negative aspect to some, mostly the upper class individuals, it is beginning to turn around the health care system one day at a time. The policy of Obamacare is pushing the U.S into more of a universal type of health care, which could potentially benefit all Americans and improve the health of the

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