Obesity Is The Primary Goal Of Obesity Treatment Essay

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By the year 2020, nearly 75% of all Americans will be obese (Isaacs). Obesity is one of the many health problems that affect Americans today. Most of the illnesses that plague Americans, share the same causes. These include diets high in fat, cholesterol, and sugar, as well as inactive lifestyles. These health complications can be harmful and even life threatening. However, they are preventable and reversible with regular exercise and good diet. Despite the common misconception that physical activity worsens health problems and illnesses, it actually does the complete opposite.
The first health benefit is obesity treatment and prevention. Weight loss is the primary goal of obesity treatment (“The Role”). Exercise is an effective way to lose excess weight. However, the exact amount of time and the intensity of the exercise required to help participants lose weight is hotly debated. Most studies tend to recommend about 30 minutes of vigorous exercise or 60-90 minutes of moderate exercise. After the participants lose the weight, they tend to have trouble keeping it off. Again, exercise can help. People who exercise regularly are apt to have fewer weight fluctuations than others who do not exercise. Thus, exercise is the key to not only getting the weight off but also keeping it off (“The Role”; “Physical Activity”).
Regular exercise may reduce the risk of obesity. It does this in several ways. The first way is by increasing the amount of energy the body uses. This will help…

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