The Importance Of Nutrition, Physical Activity, And Obesity

Nutrition, physical activity, and obesity
Health is about creating a balance between input and output of energy and materials that are necessary for normal body growth, and the purpose of health is having a positive outlook for further survival, therefore abnormal nutrition practices have a significant role in an increase in non-communicable diseases. Todays, one of the biggest health concern is obesity that unfortunately is leading causes of death. According to World Health Organization (WHO), Obesity and being overweight are defined as ‘abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health (Torres-Fuentes, Schellekens, Dinan, & Cryan, 2015). In fact, obesity or overweight occurs when energy stored in the body as fat tissue and becomes
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Base on nutrition guideline that published in 2011 by the United States Department of Agriculture, MyPlate which is a visual representation of mealtime recommendations and the proper food group distribution (Brown, O’Connor, & Savaiano, 2014). Good nutrition and healthy diet has an important role in lifestyle and help to manage the weight and Nurses ' role as a nutritional expert is very critical. They have a great responsibility in providing nutritional information and they should act as a consultant because they have a key role in nutrition …show more content…
One of the positive effects of physical activity is helping to raise promoting health, preventing disease, and achieving a healthy body weight. Today, technological progress and changing lifestyles have caused reduce the physical activity. Physical activity (PA) levels have declined globally in recent decades. Regular PA decreases many of the health risks associated with obesity or being overweight (Singh, Issac, Benjamin, & Kaushal, .2015). This Sedentary lifestyle is one of the main reason for rising obesity in society, instead, keeping active can help to stay and maintain a healthy weight also cause to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and so on. Therefore, raising awareness of the benefits of physical activity is the most important. The nursing role here is emphasizing the health benefits of a regular physical activity that can lead to the prevention of overweight and obesity. Here nurse act as health educators and a consultant that state a health benefit of physical activity in two aspects physiological and psychological. Physical activity also can reduce the risk of many diseases such as heart disease and some cancers and can prevent the early

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