Cause And Effect Of Exercising Essay

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Cause and Effect of Exercising
Exercising is one of the greatest health benefits known to man. Exercising goes back into the early ages of the earth. Without exercise back in the past, humans would be completely out of shape. Everybody exercises, whether he/she is trying to becoming the World’s Strongest Man/Woman, or just doing it to stay in shape. To some, exercising is a way to refresh themselves from all of the stress they are having, or maybe just to be better than they were in the last basketball game. Exercising is one of the easiest ways to stay in shape. Exercising makes a person feel great, look great, move great, and live great. When it comes to exercising, the positive effects will overcome the negative effects in the present and
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The effect it leaves the daily exerciser is positive most of the time. While exercising, one needs to know that if he/she is not pushing his/her hardest, he/she is not giving his/her body the best effort needed to get to the next level. If someone is trying to lose weight, and he/she start exercising, he/she has to push his/herself to work harder so that his/her brain will train his/her body to refuse to give up . Exercising everyday will place a positive impact on what mood the person will be in each day. Exercising leaves a person feeling confident about themselves each day. Confident exercisers believe they are a better person than he/she was the day before. Exercising daily while in a sport will make the person feel better about themselves if they make a mistake during a game or practice. If someone misses a shot he/she had taken in a basketball game or practice, he/she will go to a basketball gym and practice that shot until he/she is better than he/she was before the last game or practice. The mindset one has is what separates him/her from the exercisers and the lazy people. The better the mindset one has, the better he/she will excel in whatever it is that he/she does. Exercising teaches people motivational skills that is useful later in life. A person is able to enhance the mental aspects of life just by doing exercises. The physical part is what most people consider when it comes to …show more content…
People who exercise daily get that benefit. People view the men and women who appear to be healthy as the wealthiest people or the most popular, such as professional athletes, movie stars, and models. This is only because they have worked hard in order to get to where they are even though they are putting their body on the line in some circumstances. Hard work and effort every day in whatever a person does will keep them physically and mentally fit. Not all people who look heavy set are always couch potatoes. Genetics or other health impairments cause the body to develop in a certain way. Some people enjoy being physically fit to show off; some do it for show; and some do it just because they desire to live a healthy lifestyle. As long as someone is trying to stay fit any day he/she can, he/she will be able to live healthy, fight off diseases and sicknesses, and be whatever it is that he/she desires to

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