Personal Statement On Obesity

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Personal Statement
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (World health organization, 2016). As we learned last two weeks in this class, health promotion and changing the life style to prevent chronic diseases is an important part of a primary care provider’s job. One of the issues contributing to chronic disease and negating the quality of life is obesity. Although “Obesity involves complex interrelationships among genetic, environmental, psychological, social, cultural, pathologic, behavioral, and physiologic factors” (Winkelman, Workman, & Hausman, 2010, p. 495), it is a modifiable risk factor. That means an obese person can improve his or her condition most
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To complete physical assessment, I made a list of my medical illness which can be effected by my weight such as chronic back pain (Shiri, Karppinen, Solovieva, &Viikari-Juntura, 2010). and being border line diabetic (Khaodhiar, Cummings, & Apovian, 2009). I calculated my BMI which is 33.9 that shows I am in obese category (Calculate your BMI, n.d.). I also made a list of signs and symptoms related to obesity such as lack of energy, generalized pain, life stressor such as lack of time related to school and work, family issues, and financial issues, and social support including support from my husband, friends, and my group members from a weight loss program in social media. In order to assess my nutrition, I used 24 hours recall which is a recall and description of food and drink consumed over last 24 hours, and diet history which is a description of foods that are likely to be consumed at each meal, the frequency and the portion size (Health knowledge, n.d.). The nutrition assessment showed that I eat at least five meals each day plus snacks between meals. My portion size is at least four time bigger than recommended size. I mostly eat fried meat, rice, and bread and really eat any fruit or vegetables.
In order to assess my motivation and readiness, I completed the multidimensional health
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Based on this information I need to lose 30 pounds to be in over weight category. Although, my final goal is to be in normal category, I will focus on the first step which is losing 30 pounds by the end of 2017. By achieving my goal, I hope for a better quality of life, less pain, more energy, and more confidence in my life. I also hope I can improve my relationship with my husband. Although he always tells me he loves me the same regardless of my size, I know he will be happier if I achieve my goal and be able to participate in outdoor activities with him.
Readiness for Change
Based on the transtheoretical model (TTM) of change, stages of change include precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and relapse (Zimmerman, Olsen, & Bosworth, 2000). I believe that I am in the stage of preparation because I am making commitment to change the behavior. I know that I need to do something to change my current situation, I am gathering information, and I am trying to make the best possible plan for myself.

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