Negatives And Effects Of Obesity

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Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and strokes are all issues that citizens attempt to avoid. However, more than one-third of Americans are already at risk of being affected by these horrible symptoms. Affecting nearly 36% of adults in America, obesity has been linked with all of the issues previously stated. Although many Americans are aware of ways to avoid obesity, the amount of obese citizens keeps climbing.
Obesity is the term used when a person has an excess amount of body fat. It is a result of a disbalance between energy consumed and energy used. Energy is often referred to as calories. When more calories are consumed than are burned, weight gain occurs and can lead to obesity. On the other hand, when less
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There are also many dietary supplements that help those that either can’t or don’t eat the foods to receive necessary nutrients stay healthy. Making drugs that can help lower body fat good reap many benefits, but there are many negatives to the concept. Drugs that help maintain weight are helpful under some circumstances, and can keep people healthy. However, low-income countries would probably not be able to provide everybody in their country with these drugs. Theoretically, the drugs would have to be used in addition to exercise and dieting in order to be effective, but if people were to just do these things, their health would be better anyways and they would not need the support of medicine. In the future, without drugs, people could learn to adapt and change their dietary and physical habits. Unfortunately, there has been no sign of this change over the last few decades, and consumption has gone up while exercise rates have dropped. If the threat that obesity poses continues to progress, massive amounts of death could …show more content…
A great way to eradicate two problems with the world would be to decrease the amount of food that is used in the global north, which is where obesity is most prevalent, and to increase the food that reaches the global south by using the surplus of food that is not needed. Millions of people have died from starvation in the global south, so if we can provide more food where it is needed and lower the food that sits on shelves as surplus, we will fight obesity and starvation.
Currently, obesity has impacted every corner of the world. I have already outlined the catastrophic results that will ensue if the necessary actions are not taken to end the obesity pandemic. If this generation does not stop obesity, the human race may be permanently affected by the unhealthy lifestyle that we live. We have the resources to end obesity, and if we succeed at crippling the grasp that obesity has on our society, we will potentially save the lives of millions that will live in future

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