Essay on Obesity and Mcdonalds

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In this day and age Americans increase their awareness towards obesity, which is commonly experienced by adults who consume lots of fast food as their daily meals. The awareness of unhealthy living is later driven to the obesity in children. Children are the easiest targets for misdirected, fault influence from the television commercials. American culture allows the television viewers including children to worship convenience in watching TV and enjoying snacks, so that both children and parents love to snack all the time. McDonald's products perhaps are not categorized into snacks, but they are convenient and tasty meals, which is quickly available, practical, completed with delivery service and cheap occasional packages for …show more content…
Many cases were thrown out by federal judges because McDonalds can not be responsible for everyone health. They have nutritional facts, and internet sites that offer meal plans for people that are interested in eating McDonald's foods in healthy manner. So all in all, McDonalds is not forcing people to eat their foods nor are they producing food that will harm them. They are giving people the information, and whatever they decide to do with it will determine the outcome of their health.
Over the last few years, McDonalds has added a variety of items to its menu. The Premium Salads count towards two of the recommended five daily portions of fruit and vegetables. The Grilled Chicken Salad typically has just 295 calories and only 3.6 % fat. McDonalds not only offers soft drinks and shakes anymore but a wide range from Evian natural mineral water to pure orange juice. McDonalds also happens to be one of the biggest retailers of prepared fruit packages in the country. Kids can now swap their fries for a fruit bag, or a fruit shoot (organic milk or fizzy drink).
These are a few changes McDonalds has made and they are many more to come. But McDonalds cannot change the way people feel about their company after the lawsuits and the Supersize movie. But what they can do is keep promoting their new campaigns and keep fitness and exercise fresh in the consumer's

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