Nutrition Is A Valuable Part Of Every Human 's Life Essay

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Nutrition is a valuable part of every human’s life, as it allows the leading of a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. A prime opportunity to become healthy and start leading that active lifestyle is during those final two years of elementary school, grades seven and eight. Proper health and nutrition at this age will result in a healthy body for high school, and give the student self-confidence for some of the most important years of his or her life. One of the most effective methods of eating healthy is following the Canadian food guide, which gives detailed instructions for what students should be eating to get healthy. Additionally, exercising frequently is key to maximizing the body’s potential and developing a fit body. Furthermore, staying mentally healthy and controlling stress can play a huge factor in your health as well. Grade seven and eight students can achieve a respectable health level by carefully following the Canadian food guide, exercising frequently and intelligently, and effectively life’s stress.
Controlled, safe and conscious eating is one of the most vital elements of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the most reliable guides for proper daily food consumption is Canada’s food guide, which accurately describes what children and adults of all ages should be eating to remain in, or achieve a healthy bodily state. The food guide states that both girls and boys in grades seven and eight should be consuming six servings of fruits and vegetables, six…

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