Nurture : Is It Through Nature Or Nurture? Essay

2105 Words Oct 10th, 2015 null Page
A question asked by many is how personality is developed. Is it through nature or nurture? Nature refers to a person 's biological inheritance, such as his or her genes. Nurture refers to an individual 's environment and social experiences. Understanding how one develops requires that we take into account nature and nurture. When examining how my personality was formed, I take into consideration both nature and nurture. However, I think that nurture has played a much larger role in shaping my personality. One must have experiences in life in which influence who they are and who they have become. Experiences shape an individual, influencing what one thinks may be right or wrong. You must take part in events in the social world such as sports, clubs, and organizations. By taking part in such activities, one develops a sense of self and finds what they are interested in. One must find their personality; they are not born with one set personality. Some people 's personalities have changed over time, which I think mine has changed as I have grown older and have experienced more situations. Family, friends, and other people that you are surrounded by have an influence on who you are. I have had many people influence who I am as a person and sometimes I think my personality changes depending on who I am around. But there must be one person who has had a great influence on who I am, right? Yes. I believe that my aunt, who has been my second parent throughout my life, has had…

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