Essay about Nursing Teaching Project

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According to Hall and Ross-Kerr (2006) teaching is an interactive process that promotes learning. Generally, teaching and learning begin when a person identifies a need for knowing or acquiring an ability to do something. A nurse, who embodies the role of a teacher provides information that prompts the client to engage in activities that lead to desired change. Teaching is most effective when it responds to the learner’s needs (Potter, Perry, Ross-Kerry, & Wood, 2006, p. 318). In this paper I will include an assessment of the learner, teacher, and resources with a teaching plan. I will provide evidence of implementation along with discussion of teaching material used in the presentation, including the rationale for its use. The paper will …show more content…
Mrs. Patel continued by sharing “My doctor was not happy with the results of my blood work and gave me tonne of instructions with pamphlets. This made me feel overwhelmed and confused. I even don’t have the confidence to check my blood sugar and give myself needles. A nurse in the clinic explained to me the instructions just once and sent me home. I really feel exhausted after trying a couple of times and going through some of the information printouts”.
As a general guideline, patients need time to adjust to and accept their new health conditions. When a client feels frustrated, overwhelmed and confused the teacher needs to allow the patients to talk about their feelings to ensure the learners emotions do not interfere with the learning. As basic learning principal I would involve the learner in the teaching process and will the learner opportunities to improve their knowledge and skill. The patient’s perception about diagnosis and prognosis is very important in the assessment process. (Dadich, 1997). In this case, the learner is a 68 year retired teacher, so the English language should not be a barrier in the teaching process. Mrs Patel’s hearing is adequate for normal tone and speech. She reads the local news paper daily with the help of her glasses. During my first interview with Mrs. Patel, I assessed that her emotional status was disturbed, I decided to just sit and listen to her as

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