Professional Roles In Nursing

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Nurses are an essential part of the healthcare team. For years their roles have seem to go unnoticed to some and their impact on health insignificant. Despite the challenges through research and education, they continue to make their mark in society. The report composed by the institute of medicine addressed the need for nurses to be prepared and become more actively involved in the healthcare system for the future. It addressed a few integral areas that need to be adjusted in order to make the vision possible. Such areas were education, practicing within their scope of practice, support of nurses to become prepared at the baccalaureate level and providing opportunities for educational advancement. It was noted that in order for such an achievement to be possible, there were other bodies that had to be involved. Their roles were identified in making the vision possible.

Areas Highlighted in the Report
The report focused on a few select areas that were involved in going forward. The areas highlighted were transformation through practice, education and leadership. Also, there were other specific areas mentioned which were the nurses practice in primary healthcare and possible adjustments nurses will need to make in preparation for the future.
Transforming Practice
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The overall aim was for nurses to achieve a higher level of education. The goal is to increase the nursing workforce to 80% who are prepared at the Baccalaureate level within the next four years and doubling the nurses with doctorates over the same period (Med-Surg, 2011, p.3). This approach forms a bases for nursing education in the future and fostering growth. It is expected that there will need to be a collaboration between educators and multiple health professions to encourage continuous education and competency training among nurses, which will equip them to care for a larger population despite their age and needs. (Med-Surg, 2011,

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