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Nursing Care Plan
A 65 years old Caucasian female widow for 20 years who lives alone; however, she has two grown up daughters who live in the nearby community; two older sisters are alive and well, one with osteoporosis is 75 years old and was diagnosed at age of 55. The other one with breast cancer, she is 72 years old and was diagnosed at age of 60. Over the past ten years the patient’s perception of self–efficacy has been declining. Patient has become increasingly short of breath for the past two weeks following any kind of activity because the cough; which is mainly dry, rarely productive, and particularly during the night which she needs to sit up in a chair to be able to breathe easier. In addition, her appetite has decreased, but no nausea and vomiting. Patient has been treated in the past for the same problem with antibiotics and inhalers; they have been helpful but she does not use them on routine basis. The health care professional told her that she has emphysema. She is admitted to the hospital with possible pneumonia or acute congestive pulmonary disease –COPD exacerbation for further evaluation.
The patient was admitted to the medical unit. In the nursing history, it was noted that patient states that she had asthma as a child, as well as hysterectomy in 1970s, and a cigarette smoker for 40 years. She has smoked one pack per day, but denies use of alcohol and street drugs. In addition; she states to be allergic to sulfa drugs and take Tylenol…

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