Respiratory therapy

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  • Essay On Respiratory Therapy

    Respiratory Therapy began to enter the medical field in the early 1940s. Fast forward a few years and Respiratory Care still remains a relatively new field in the medical industry. Almost all fifty states now require a license or some other form of “other legal credentialing law governing the profession of respiratory care” (Weilacher). A Respiratory therapist by definition “treats people with health care issues affecting the cardiopulmonary system such as asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, cardiovascular disorders, and trauma”. A Respiratory therapist can work in a variety of settings such as the emergency room, intensive care units, and in rehabilitation centers. In order to become a Respiratory therapist in any of these settings, an Associate's…

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  • The Benefits Of Respiratory Therapy

    It was then when I weighted my pros and cons by factors that included, and were not limited to the amount of study, work, the easiness or difficulty of the job, the happiness and/or misery of the employee, and the most important factor that I needed to face, the performance of good patient care since this last was mostly affected by all the other previous factors. Consequently, it was then when I noticed that Respiratory Therapy was my top opted option. A profession that would allow me not only…

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  • Respiratory Therapy Personal Statement

    main focuses in contributing to the field of respiratory is making sure that I continue to do research in the field of respiratory in order to constantly grow the field and make sure that respiratory therapist continue to expand their knowledge. Specifically, I want to continue to focus on my undergraduate research and investigate central nervous system sites and neuropharmacological mechanisms mediating hypoxic ventilatory and sympathetic responses. Also, I want to continue to examine the…

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  • Respiratory Therapy Research Papers

    you have no problems with your breathing, smile and relax -- you don't need a respiratory therapist. But if you have some trouble because of asthma, emphysema, or pneumonia, or maybe you've recently experienced some type of cardiovascular disorder or trauma, then don't fret – a respiratory therapist may be just what you need. Just what is a respiratory therapist? It is someone who is an expert in respiratory care, someone who can provide much needed therapy to people with respiratory problems,…

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  • Respiratory Therapy Case Study

    Case study Amber W. Hendrix MMTC Author Note Case Study for RT 242 Respiratory Therapy Clinical II Peritoneal Tuberculosis I never got to speak directly to my case study. She was intubated when I first became aware of her case and she failed all attempts at weaning from the vent before she died. There was regrettably also a language barrier with the majority of her family as they spoke Haitian Creole which has roots in Portuguese, Spanish, Taino, and West African languages, which left me limited…

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  • Interdependent Intervention

    Some similarities between the research and the interventions actually performed included the withdraw of ventilation being performed by both the nurse and respiratory therapist (Campbell et. al. 2015, p.782). The article which discussed the use of an algorithm while removing mechanical ventilation detailed the use of both nurses and respiratory therapy being trained to perform these interventions. Some of the additional interventions detailed in the research included using a staggered reduction…

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  • Respiratory Therapy Technician Research Paper

    Respiratory therapy technicians evaluate, monitor, treat, and care for patients with breathing disorders, and provide specific respiratory procedures under the supervision of a doctor or health care professional. Respiratory therapy technicians also may assist patients by monitoring, overseeing, and providing feedback during their breathing treatments. Typically, this field consists of entry-level positions. While most employers expect an applicant to possess an associate's degree, some may…

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  • Nursing Care Plan Essay

    Respiratory rate 20 non-labored, producing a white material on the buccal mucosa; which does not wipe off with tongue blade. Other vital signs: temperature: 101.F, pulse: 100 BMP (regular), blood Pressure: 130/72mmHg, pulse oximeter: SAO 98% RA. Auscultation reveals decreased breath sounds, dull to percussion right lower lobe. End expiratory wheeze in right lower lobe, as well as an increased anterior-posterior diameter to chest wall, no rales or rhonchi. Chest X-ray results shows…

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  • What Is Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)?

    for many reasons in respiratory therapy. This paper will examine what EBM is by looking at the concept of non-pharmacological secretion clearance methods, and how it is relevant within the realm of Respiratory Therapy, specifically for the neuromuscular compromised patients. As well as what to extent the professional practice of respiratory therapy and respiratory therapists (RTs) are informed by various types of evidence. The paper will compare three medical studies that support the evidence…

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  • Respiratory Failure: A Case Study

    could indicate that she has type two respiratory failure. The main aims when treating type two respiratory failure is directed at reversing the underlying cause. Non-invasive ventilation with a tight-fitting facial or nasal mask with low levels of oxygen therapy often stabilizes these patients. When a patient is suffering from type two respiratory failure, the effectiveness of a peak flow would not affect the treatment given directly, especially when time critical, however, in none emergency…

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