Essay on Nursing And Sociology : An Uneasy Marriage?

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Allen, D. (2001). Review article: Nursing and sociology: An uneasy marriage? Sociology of Health and Illness, 23(3), 386-396. Retrieved from

In this article the author spends a lot of time explaining how nursing and sociology go hand in hand. The article tells how nurses in hospitals and doctors’ offices need to approach their patients a certain way and how they nurse-patient relationships are viewed. In the article, it claims that nurse-patient relationships have some sort of a therapeutic value to them. Nurses help patients in their times in need and help them cope with pain and or live with it but find a means of acceptance. There are many research topics that have been included by many different individuals; for instance, James and Smith’s work on demonstrative labor is an illustration of how nursing and the sociological eye can be amalgamated.

Peck, B. M., & Conner, S. (2011). Talking with me or talking at me? the impact of status characteristics on doctor-patient interaction. Sociological Perspectives, 54(4), 547-567. doi:

Over the past few decades the way that patients and doctors interact with one another has vastly changed. In this article B. Mitchell Peck writes about how the doctor-patient relationship has gone authoritarian prototypical interaction to a more cooperative patient-oriented interaction. The way things are…

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