Nurse Midwife Career

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Nurse Midwife; one who prepares the mother for birth, delivers the newborns for low risk patients, and provides care for the newborn and mother after the birth; is a career I wish to pursue due to the salary, educational requirements, and the work environment. I have always wanted to pursue a career in the medical field that would allow me to be in the company of people who seek my knowledge and assistance. After researching nurse-midwifery, I have reached the conclusion nurse-midwifery is the career I wish to pursue. There are plenty of components of this career that suit the lifestyle I wish to obtain. I believe, if I work hard, I can pursue the career as a nurse-midwife. Three things I believe will best suit my lifestyle from this career include the education requirements, salary, and the work environment. I wish to pursue this career not only to fit my needs, but to experience all the wonderful miracles that happen within the world and to be in the presence of people who will enjoy it just as much as I will.
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Certain skills required include: organization, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and good judgement skills. Organization will help the nurses assemble the patients’ personal record, medication, and other information they need to know in order to properly treat and care for the mother during the birthing process. Communication skills will help the nurses interact with the mother to initiate the right medication to provide for her needs. Interpersonal skills will help the nurse be able to relate and explain the steps of motherhood with compassion. Determining if the birth will be regular or irregular is a very important part of good judgement skills. “Midwives must be able to recognize signs of difficulty during childbirth. If necessary, a physician is called, or the patient is moved to a hospital” (Kazmier Halstead

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