Personal Statement: A Career As A Midwife

Midwifery has fascinated me from an early age. The process of how something so minuscule can grow into something so beautiful as well as knowing that as a midwife I have played a part to bring that most beautiful thing into the world excites me. Having the chance to provide that support through pregnancy, to the birth and then postnatal stages of a special time in a person 's life and guiding them through it is what draws me to become a midwife.

In my spare time I have researched midwifery and arranged a placement for two days in a maternity unit at my local hospital. This gave me a big insight to life working as a midwife and I got to see first-hand how midwives work together and with other departments to provide a safe environment for a baby to be born in. This made the decision clear that midwifery was the career that I wanted to be in. During my time I spoke to many different midwives about what being a midwife is about and how important it is to build a relationship with the women and her family. The first day of my placement I spent time on the ward shadowing a midwife looking after women who have just given birth. This allowed me to talk to many different women about their own
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As part of the course I went on placement into settings such as a Special need school and a children’s centre. From theory lessons at college I gained knowledge of transferable skills and were able to put these into practice when on placement. The course spent a lot of time looking at importance of communication and how to communicate in different ways at a critical moment in a persons life, which is key to being a midwife. One of the ways we looked at was Makaton, which I have learnt and use regularly. In my second year I completed my Extended Project. This enabled to me to enhance my research and independent learning skills. At the end of the project I presented it to my class allowing me to practice this skill

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