Analysis Of Green Eggs And Ham, By J. K. Rowling

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“Who has read a Harry Potter book by J. K. Rowling?” My Seventh grade language arts teacher Ms. Edwards would ask the class. Most of the students would raise their hands. Some with glee as they read the whole series, others having only read one, maybe two books simply raised their hands. There I was, not raising my hand and feeling embarrassed, feeling like I didn 't belong like I was an outsider for not reading a book. Class would go on as usual but I was stuck on that one question, pondering to myself on why I never read one of those books. Later on after school, I headed down to the Carnage Middle School library and grab the first book in the series promising to myself I would read it when I got home. When I finally got home I would sit …show more content…
Mostly it was a few children’s books, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss being one of them. I don 't find interest in reading itself. I don 't personally have anything against reading, it just isn 't as entertaining to me as playing a computer game, like Team Fortress 2 being a first person shooter or Prison Architect, being as the name persists, a prison designing and management game. Sometimes but not always, when I’m told to read, I dread doing so. This is the case because while I’m reading I’m thinking of more interesting things I could be doing instead of reading. This hinders me when I’m reading because I’m then thinking about anything other than the text in front of me. The most random things will come to mind. Most recently, while reading an article about social movements and protesting, I ponder what the average tax percentage is. No reason why I thought of that, I just happened to. (It varies based upon financial status...). Another thing I do while reading is accidentally skimming parts that seem to be of a similar topic. This is how I got through reading the book How to Fly a Horse by Kevin Ashton. At first I was reading it word for word, but this got very boring very quickly so I eventually started to skim the book for general important topics. For most of the book I did this because I had a hard time concentrating and understanding what the book was talking about. I think I do this just so I have more time playing games and less time actually reading. As a kid I was never really told to read and I didn’t show much interest for

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