Northern Light Assignment

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The novel I chose for this assignment was A Northern Light, written by Jennifer Donnelly. Overall, I would say I enjoyed this read, my favorite part of this novel was following the relationships between the main character, Matilda or kindly referred to as Mattie with her father, her town, and her friends. I would recommend this novel to readers who enjoys a romantic storyline based off a true events and/or enjoys reading about crime. A Northern Light, follows the life of Mattie Gokey and her struggle to decide what she should do with her life. The main struggle she faces is the decision to go to college, which would be a first in her family, or to stay at home and fill in the role of her late mother. Despite not being able to to afford to attend college Mattie is offered a full scholarship …show more content…
With the new change, Mattie had to give up her role as the top student to making sure her family is fed, the fields are plowed, and the welling being of everyone else on a daily basis. But where Mattie grew up that was the assumed role of a daughter, to help care for her family and forget about her education, since family is the number one priority. But Mattie had made a promise with her mom to stay with her studies, Mattie struggles with juggling caring for a family of five and keeping her studies straight in order to get a scholarship for college. Already having to struggle with the odds of getting to college with her family, Mattie needs to face the harsh criticism of her town for choosing an education over her family. Receiving all the doubts from her town and family Mattie feels as if her choice of being the replacement for her late mother has already been chosen for her. Even with all the hesitation, Mattie was able to go to college which would be a more in her

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