Essay on No School Days And Extended School Through Breaks

760 Words Nov 21st, 2014 4 Pages
Longer school days and extended school through breaks have often been discussed by educators and government officials alike. Most claim this change would be an updated schedule for the working parents who are often occupied during the times their children arrive home from school. They also say education and test scores would improve while also minimizing the lethargic and reckless actions that would have otherwise been made during winter and summer breaks. Ellen Goodman, a columnist for the Boston Globe, agrees with these assertions. My view, however, contrary to what Goodman argues in Steps, is that school time should remain the same but extended weeks/months off such as summer and winter break have room for improvement. Goodman’s main incentive to write her argument was because she viewed many children “hanging out” during summer break in parks and on her work commute. Goodman saw small groups of children relaxing and socializing on their break and assumed they were up to mischief or were lethargic and bored. This is a complete assumption and a stereotype to claim that every child and teen in America is doing absolutely nothing important during their summer breaks. The truth is, long weeks or months off of school are the only way children and teenagers can find time to do time consuming projects. Students are studying for the SATs, earning money, taking care of siblings, helping mom and dad around the house, participating in sports and so much more. Also, what is…

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