No Fuss Steps To Mba Case Study

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No Fuss Steps to MBA- An Exploration Approach. Prof.Gireesh.Y.M
“Daddy compels me to go for B.Ed; many of my friends are advising me to embrace MCA, teachers are of the opinion that Msc.Physics/Mathematics is a good option. Anna (Brother ) Shall I become IAS or KAS officers if I really work hard? I am interested in MBA too. Which is the promising institute? What exams should I take? Where should I join?
I became factually speechless for a moment when I had acknowledged a phone call through which all these enquiries were made from Kavya in a single breath. Kavya is an ambitious and happens to be my cousin.
Thus the minds of pushy graduates all balled up.
Students should have unmitigated cognizance about their profession
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But the terms ‘How’ and ‘Where’ you complete your MBA program plays a vital role in one’s professional career. The course can be a catalyst for helping you develop your entrepreneurial spirit and skills. If you want to climb the corporate ladder and land a top MBA job, b-school is your best bet. Almost a third of all chief executives leading the biggest global companies started with MBAs.
• The MBA degree is premeditated primarily for students who are considering a career change or hoping to advance in their careers, therefore, implying that an MBA is a “terminal degree.” Not only is the MBA degree commonly considered one's “last stop” in education, but also many MBA students actually pursue an MBAs after having completed an advanced degree e.g. master's or doctor's degrees in another discipline.
• It is a well-established reality that students select for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree not just to supplement their graduate education but also to get better salary packages. Often you do not mind completely altering streams after getting the degree in order to accomplish that purpose. Thus it is important that you take a balanced and well informed decision while choosing an
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Therefore, you ought to visit the B-School campus to take a detail gaze of the college library, classrooms, the auditorium etc. and make sure that it meets the standards and your expectations.
• Converse to the present students of the MBA Institute unceremoniously. Having a discussion with the current batch students will give you an insight of how the institute is doing at present and conversing with the pass-out students will help you to know the college endeavor in positioning the students to their desired sector and profile.
• Placement is perhaps the most important factor for students while deciding on a college. Often this becomes their only decision making criterion. Check up placement data provided by colleges on their websites. It could ne decked up for advertising purposes. “In addition to audited placement reports provided online, students must speak to the recently graduated batch to get an idea about the placement scenario. It is quite common with all most all Institutes that that most B-Schools do not furnish the latest batch placement records. Rather they club together the highest packages there students have ever received since the inception of the institute. Or at least in last in last 5-6

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