Essay on Nightmare Or Dream Come True?

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A.I.: Nightmare or Dream Come True?
Computers have become one of the most advancing and successful industries in the world. Everyday a new smartphone, software package, app or some other technological device is being created and used by millions of people. This industry already plays such a big aspect in our lives that when something controversial comes up, it can have far-reaching effects. Some of these effects are positive and contribute to the good of all society, and some can have the exact opposite effect. One of the newest advancing fields in the technology industry, is that of artificial intelligence, or A.I. Artificial Intelligence is the area in science of creating smart machines. Machines with the abilities to solve problems and reach its goals successfully and in the most effective methods possible. As technology advances, the definition of A.I. changes. Because it is impossible to predict how advanced intelligent technology will become, there will never be an absolute definition of what artificial intelligence is (McCarthy, 2007). This area of study comes with innumerable possibilities. Machines with the abilities to solve problems and complete tasks without the need of constant human control, sounds like an amazing opportunity. However, there are several dark sides that can come from the advances of artificial intelligence. Intelligent machines can steal jobs, and cause numerous ethical issues that we are not ready to deal with. There are many…

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