Ronald Bailey Are Robots Going To Steal Our Jobs Analysis

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In the July 2017 issue of Reason, the article, “Are Robots Going To Steal Our Jobs?” written by Ronald Bailey elaborates how technology is not killing our employment, but evolving and improving it. Bailey explains that for centuries people have worried that advances in technology would cause problems with unemployment; however, every time, more jobs seem to be created. He states that humans will always work, but that jobs might differ from what they are now. Pointing out another issue skeptics seem to have, Bailey addresses the question of whether automation has made people work less. He clarifies technology helps make production faster and more accurate, but most importantly easier to complete. Bailey states although technology makes it easier to do jobs, it is not making humans work less and productivity has improved with automation. In his article Ronald Bailey provides a strong argument to convince his readers that automation will not hurt employment by using: credible sources, rhetorical questions and tones, as well as organized counter-arguments.
Throughout the article, the author mentions several credible sources and experts to make his claim believable and true. Bailey mentions sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Technology CEO Council, plus many economists with experience in technology
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Bailey uses many strategies to sway his readers to believe his claim including many trustworthy sources and studies, rhetorical questions and word choice, and structured counter-arguments. After reading Bailey’s article “Are Robots Going to Steal Our Jobs?” someone who has skepticism or is fearful about the world of automation should either have a different point of view or at the very least agree that the involvement of technology in the workplace is not the worst thing in the

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