New York City College Of Technology Essay

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Skin Cream is Skin Cream
Ashley Allen
New York City College of Technology

It is a given that we want to look and feel beautiful. Everyone wants to have that natural glow which radiates amongst others. We spend large sums of money in buying skin creams with promises of smooth and unblemished skin. Some with positive results and others not so much. Skin cream is skin cream; everyone has their favorite brand. The purpose of this advertising paper is to discuss two advertisements. One advertisement from an American Magazine Allure and one advertisement from a German Magazine Madame. Both advertisements relate to skin cream products that commits to providing the best skincare. Understanding the differences of both products in relations to brand, brand equity, consumer needs, and if the brand fulfills the objectives of retail promotion.
Skin Cream is Skin Cream The first advertisement is from American Magazine Allure. The advertisement comes from the July issue of 2016, I obtained the magazine from a close friend. The second advertisement is from German Magazine Madame. The advertisement is from the October issue of 2016. I obtained the magazine from Soho News International, a store located in New York City. A brand is a trademark design used for consumers to identify and differentiate from other products. With that in mind we have two advertisements, the first advertisement for Neutrogena. The product is a hydro boost water gel. Boosts hydration and locks it in,…

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