New Advertising Techniques Focus On Grabbing The Viewers Essay

778 Words Nov 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Advertisements are beginning to advertise much more than just their products. New advertising techniques focus on grabbing the viewers’ attention, instead of showing their product. In one advertisement a group of friends is showing smiling on a roof, all wearing nice suits. The ad focuses more on these well-dressed individuals, who appear to be having a fun time. When this is done, it completely takes all attention away from what they are trying to sell, which in this case was cologne. In another ad there is a group of friends all wearing suits gathered around a pool table. Again the ad is implying that by using or wearing their product, the consumer’s life will be improved. The last ad pictured an expensive jet on the runway, and beside it was John Travolta sitting in a director’s chair. This was an ad for a watch. The advertisers covered the majority of their page with things had no connection to their product. They did this in the attempt to make the viewer create false connections between the product and whatever else is shown. The consumer can be misled by advertisements, causing them to buy something they do not want. The ad for the cologne “Mankind” focuses on the luxury that the product provides. The first thing you see when looking at the ad is not the product, but instead the well-dressed people on top of a roof somewhere in the city. Lower down the page in bold it says the words “Be The Evolution” implying that this cologne can make someone one step…

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