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Social media has taken the marketing world by storm. Today, not only do companies have a dedicated Website,but organizations, representative of all industries and sizes, also have a blog, Twitter account, Facebook page and a Youtube channel (Wetpaint & Alimeter, 2009). In fact, social media is the number one activity on the web. Because of this, companies view social media as a critical component to its overall marketing strategy, especially since these tactics are cost-effective and produce results (Wetpaint & Alimeter Group, 2009).

A social media strategy allows a business to reach a different audience – sometimes a smaller, niche audience committed to a brand or industry. In addition, such
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In order for a social media plan to be developed, a competitive analysis needs to be completed and included in the overall situation analysis to gain an understanding of opportunities and challenges that may be met.

Valspar Paint Colors has a Twitter account (@ValsparColors). Presently there are 33 followers; however there are no tweets associated with the account. The company does not have a presence on Facebook. Valspar commercials are posted to YouTube.

Krylon does have a strong presence on Twitter (@KrylonStain). The account, which provides product information and tips as well as contests, has 774 followers. However, it does not appear that Krylon has a Facebook page, even though there is a fan page for Krylon spray can collectors, which has 172 members. Ironically, a can of Rust-Oleum is in the cover picture. There are a limited amount of Krylon how-to-videos on YouTube.

Quickcrete, a garage floor coating, does not have a presence on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

While the brand has neither a Twitter nor Facebook account, there are many how-to-videos posted to YouTube about using the product. In addition, there is a Facebook fan page called

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