Essay about Never Give Up On Your Goal

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Never Give Up On Your Goal The final school bell rang. I just got done with gym and walked into the locker room to put on my Hillsborough High School soccer jersey. This was just one game in my freshman season and was expected to be like any other. We were expected to win as our record proved that we were a strong and athletic team.
I am ready for the game with my soccer bag packed with my gatorade and training gear. My other teammates begin to fill in the locker room preparing for the game too. I checked the team job list to see if I had to get any supplies ready before we went out to the field. I searched the list and saw that my name was not on it. I go to walk outside and wait for the rest of the team to be ready. As I am walking out of the locker room I pass by one of my friends who was just beginning to get ready. He told me the same joke that we share before every game which questioned how I get ready so quick? I pretend to get mad and let him know that I have tenth period gym and that I am in the locker room before school even ends. I sat outside on the bench near the entrance of the school near the gym.
I patiently waited as my teammates came out slowly, one at a time, until everyone was there. Everyone had done their jobs, as some players were bringing water to the field while others had pinnies or a medical kit. We waited for our Coach Spencer to come out and bring us over to the field. We walked as a team on the gravel path, passing the Junior Varsity soccer…

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