Personal Narrative: My Life As A Tennis Player

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My heart starts pumping a little more than usual, and my hands start dripping with sweat. Anxiety rushes over my body as I hear my name being called out. A million thoughts start sweeping through my brain. This is it. I finally got picked to play second doubles with my tennis partner, Kylie, in our last match of the season. We have won some and lost plenty throughout the two months of being partners. Practicing for two hours every single day, and skipping time with my friends for tennis lessons. The blazing hot sun beats down on us girls every day while we strive to get better. Some days it is excruciating to keep running in the constant heat, as the sweat drips down our backs, but we do it because we know we have to. My nose scrunched up and …show more content…
I spun my racquet and as it hit the tennis courts, I looked to see what letter it had landed on. The letter W. Kylie and I decided it would be in our best interest if she served first. We placed our positions on the tennis court. My eyes were glued right in front on me, waiting any moment for the ball to pass me by. I heard the racquet hit the ball, and suddenly it flew past me into the opposite service box. Ace. Kylie 's serves are too powerful that many people have trouble hitting them back. The first game flew by us, and we won with a score of 40-15. Time to switch ends of the court, and have Kailey serve. I quickly grabbed my camel-back water bottle and desperately drank half of it just to keep myself …show more content…
Good game," said Marissa
"Yes, good game," said Kailey.
As we shook hands, I couldn 't help but feel a little sad. It was going to be another year until I got to put on my uniform, and play another school. As I walk over to see how my other teammates are doing, my coach stopped me.
"Melanie, I saw the way you played. You were a great addition to the team this year. I haven 't seen anyone in awhile who is as dedicated as you are. I hope you continue to play tennis, and hopefully come back next season," said Coach Thompson.
A huge smile appeared across my face as I hear her words. I felt like Serena Williams in the US Open. My parents came up to me, and hugged me for the longest time. Having so much love and support around you really does make a difference on how you feel and act. I could barely walk to put my extra balls I had away because there were so many parents and family members here. About 10 minutes had passed and my teammates, Megan and Grace, were the last doubles team to finish up their match. All of us girls got together in a huge circle, and put our hands in the

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