Nestle Crunch Bar Essay

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There are a couple different themes that become very important when analyzing the Nestle Crunch Bar case. During the case, many research channels were used to find various themes and feelings residing within the consumer, conscious and subconscious. Between pages twelve and fourteen, multiple feelings/themes are presented. A couple of these have stuck out in comparison to the others, emotional comfort and enjoyment. These two themes seem to be present in the mind of the consumer through all of the consumer testing studies and also within the consumer throughout the entire purchasing experience.
A) From the Nestle Crunch Consensus Map, we can see that enjoyment is linked to many other feelings that evoked in the consumer
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As the study shows, in most cases enjoyment is the result of expectations, although the more negative aspects related with indulgence can produce experiences that are not enjoyable and not playful.

Another important theme that was discovered from the research was the idea of emotional comfort. Emotional comfort plays a huge role with the consumer of Nestle products because of the nature of the product; it is chocolate. Chocolate is supposed to comfort you emotionally; which is why it is sometimes thought of as “comfort food”, similar to ice cream. Eating a Nestle Crunch bar bring along emotions of happiness, comfort, homeliness, warmth, and a relaxing atmosphere. It also brings along a sense of security and being safe, and that even though things may be going wrong, everything is going to be alright in the moment that you are eating that Nestle Crunch bar. Eating the Crunch bar should be a soothing feeling that brings on relaxed emotions and a sense of being carefree. It may even bring on a sense of confidence, everything is alright because you are eating that Crunch bar. It also brings along a sense of wholesomeness since the Nestle Crunch Bar is something that is possibly purchased by someone who may be broken emotionally. Overall, the consumer should feel some level of emotional comfort during any point of the

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