Neil Patrick Harris Research Paper

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It is I, the great Neil Patrick Harris, known for my skills within theater, television, and music.
I am from the Southwestern desert.
I was born of Sheila Gail and Ronald Gene Harris, notorious lawyers and successful restaurant owners.
I am here to break barriers within modern society.
I am working to become one of the most well known actors despite being gay.
I simply want equality for all
I dedicate my time to my gargantuan goal
Which takes more tantalizing talent than you think
I am the King of Pop Culture,
Rising up among the stars.
My success simply started the day I was born,
The killer good looks were evident even as an infant.
As I grew, I only became more appealing,
Not only was I cute
I was smart too,
Easily graduating high school
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True story.”
How I Met Your Mother was quite a success
But mostly because of me.
The show of the century
Nominated me for four emmys.
When they realized that I was already winning all of the awards,
They decided to make me the host.
As a result I won many special class Emmys,
As a host of the Tonys.
Tony’s just seem to pile up for me.
Lovely ladies seem to love me,
Along with the crucial critics.
Not only I am the best actor to be,
I am also a very great father
With two beautiful baby twins
And a successful husband.
Elton John performed at our rarefied reception.
I mean who has the successful British rocker at their wedding?
Well, me.
My fame cannot hold me back.
The awards seem to never end
With 43 nominations
And 17 wins.
It is obvious I am the best.
Despite my success I am different from the rest.
Something sets me apart.
And with all my skills
And my criminal good looks
I will be remembered in history.
As the first gay man to host the academy awards
And to achieve success despite what sets me apart.
I intend to continue to work towards my goal
By working along with the best.
One day they will all know that the blonde bright eyed man
Was simply born to

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