Neil, By John Neil Essay

1240 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
For me this is a very difficult question. Neil (the main character of the story) is a character with many different traits that each show a different side of him. For example, Neil is nice as he shows affection to those he loves, but on a rare occasion. The author showed us that Neil was a really nice young boy deep down, but on the outside he was very egoistic. If I had to choose a side though, I would chose Neil as a friend.

I have 3 reasons behind this opinion. The first reason is because Neil is very determined. As I already explained in the characteristics section, Neil is a very determined person and will do anything to reach his goal. This would benefit me as a friend because I would know that if anything happens to me, Neil would do anything to help me. This in my opinion is a very big character trait to have. Not many people have this sort of trait, so if I am offered this type of friend I will gladly accept. If your friend is determined, you know you can trust them. So having a determined friend, also helps you to trust them even more. The second trait that would make me want to be Neil’s friend is his honesty. Throughout the whole book Neil was very honest. Neil HAS to say the truth about everyone, even if it isn’t always nice. For example on page 56 Neil was talking to Larry, and he said: ‘Well, you’re not ambitious enough to be a Flambé’. This may seem rude, but at least you can know your friend is true. This means your friend isn’t hiding any…

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