Essay On Oj Simpson's Impact On Society

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All throughout American history, athletes have played vital roles in the way people act and look, what they want to be like when they grow up, and how they live everyday life. Those are just minor influences athletes have on people, but three athletes in the past fifty years have significantly impacted life in United states. Lance Armstrong, OJ Simpson, and Tiger Woods impacted US society both positively and negatively. Lance Armstrong impacted the US by his foundation, his comeback story from cancer, and his infamous seven straight Tour de France wins, but fell from grace when he admitted using performance-enhancing drugs. Tiger Woods impacted the US by overcoming prejudice and racism in his childhood and winning multiple major championships, but fell from grace when he guilty of cheating on his wife Ellin. OJ Simpson was a successful football player in both college and in the NFL, but fell from grace when he was suspected of murdering his wife and Ron Goldman. While all three athletes dominated their respective sports, each one of their legacies was tainted by mistakes they made, but it is still fair to say that Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, and OJ Simpson are the athletes who have influenced US society the most in the …show more content…
He was in shock when he found out he had cancer, and he feared for his career and life (Bissinger). After Armstrong beat his cancer, he formed Livestrong, a nonprofit organization that helps people with cancer all over the country find treatment for their type of cancer, afford the treatment, and helps them to live a normal life again. Livestrong has made polls and conducted research to ensure cancer patients are well taken care of before, during, and after treatment (“Livestrong”). If it wasn’t for Armstrong and his organization, 200,000 cancer patients and counting wouldn’t have the money or resources to get the right treatment for their specific kind of cancer

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