Negative Effects Of Violence In Media

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The problem of violence in media that younger children are exposed to effects parents and adults that are allowing their children to participate in such actions. The problem was identified by some researchers that have done multiple studies to better help parents understand what is really at stake here (“Violent Video Games And Young People”). The problem is caused by the media that have chosen to show violent aggressive manners to the younger children, even if it means adding in violent actions that are not healthy for children. Parents and other adults that are willing to take a stand that spread the studies that have been done to other adults to better get their attention can solve the problem. Some people may say that the problem starts …show more content…
We don’t benefit from not knowing the science of this epidemic of violence (“Remarks By The President And The Vice President On Gun Violence.”) Over the years, video games have had a big impact on modern society. One of the major factors that rings bells when it comes to video games is the negative effects of violence in the games. Almost nine out of ten video games consist of some violent contents (Psychology: Science in Action). So with the increase of video games, what is being done to insure that adolescence aren’t developing aggressive behaviors? Are the limits that are set going to be enough to protect adolescence from the violent content? With the Federal Communications Commission following up on acts such as Child Safe Viewing Act and making changes to the practices and laws, the FCC will probably help solve the issue of violence in video games and likely to decrease aggressive behavior in adolescence (Federal Communications …show more content…
The behaviors that they have developing are characterized as not doing what is asked of them, making deadly comments towards other family members, “If you don’t leave me alone, I’m going to kill you!” My cousins also talk in a language that is not common in the household, such as using profanity in common conversations. My younger cousins also are always playing video games. From the moment that they get home to the moment that they go to sleep, my cousins are always looking at a screen. The thought of playing outside dos not excite them as well as talking to other family members is not a thing that they want to do. With the video games having the flashing colors, many of these games are banned for consumers because of the major effect that it can cause a person or child to have photosensitive epilepsy. Photosensitive epilepsy is an indosed seizure that is cause by flashing lights and also hours playing video games can trigger the epilepsy (Photosensitive epilepsy.)
Although there is no evidence that the games cause aggressive behavior, Tom McGrath conducted a study that found four out of five best-selling video games released last year were shooting games. McGrath also states that the shooter of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, Adam Lanza, spent roughly over five hundred hours playing such

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