Essay on Ncaa And National Collegiate Athletic Association

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I have started following basketball for about seven years now. I have watched as a fan and as a way to learn the game. In my opinion, the two best ways to watch the game is by watching the NBA or the NCAA. The NBA or National Basketball Association, is a league of professional club basketball teams that all compete in North America with only 30 teams. It is considered to be the best of the best when it comes to the sport. The NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association, is a collegiate level play of basketball with over 300 Divison 1 basketball teams. Each association have been playing the same sport for decades, but each one of them has their own twist to it, from their overall management of teams, each levels style of play, and the rule differences that each level has. The NBA is where the best of the best come to play, and there is a reason why. Unlike the NCAA the NBA pays all of their players, a minimum contract of $250,000. This is why, most big name college players are considered “one and done” because they only play collegiate basketball for one year and then enter the NBA draft. Most players do this because they do not want to stay all four years in college and they want to start their NBA career as soon as possible. The NBA is a business, they have certain profits and salary caps that each team has, and makes the best moves for the future of their organization.
The style of play is a bit different than the NCAA as well, the NBA likes the superstar play.…

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