National Australia Bank Group Case Study

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Question 1

National Australia Bank Group (the Group) is a money related administration with over 12,700,000 clients and 42,000 people, working in more than 1,700 retail outlets and business banking centres comprehensively.
The first stakeholder that is involved are the employees of NAB. Since 1998, NAB has provided their employees two days every year to volunteer their period for the purpose of building talents and prosperoous groups. Every year over 400 community organisations to advertise over 22,000 volunteering activities are worked alongside NAB and NAB definitely has their heads held high as they are recognised as pioneers in corporate volunteering in Australia. Volunteers will be able to provide precious support to raise further capacity
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Clients of NAB are have the authority in getting those basic rights by being delivered a great client experience, and applying responsible loaning practices. NAB distinguishes that not all clients are to be categorized in the same group. Some of their clients earn low or defenseless incomes, alternately needing aid when aged, wellbeing or unemployment government pensions. Nab treats these clients equally with admiration by preparing a range of products that are compatible for those parts of the community. In Australia, the UK and Ireland, NAB have developed a range of products that are answerable to these communities. These include a series of no or low fee accounts, micro financing for these customers in partnership with community groups, concession card accounts for customers who are receiving specified government …show more content…
In the future, NAB shareholders would have 595 page scheme booklet demonstrating the suggested demerger. They will be required to vote in favour of the proposal to separate from the NAB the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank operations, and house these in a new entity, CYBG PLC. NAB shareholders will own 75% of the new entity, with the remaining 25% divested under an institutional offer, with the sale proceeds going back to the NAB. NAB shareholders will receive 1 share in CYBG PLC for every 4 NAB shares they own. For example, if you own 1,000 NAB shares, you will get 250 CYBG PLC shares. Shareholders will first need to approve the demerger, with a vote scheduled beforehand. Thinking this is passed, the institutional offer is scheduled to conclude by 2 February, with listing on the ASX on 3 February. Small shareholders with 2,000 or less NAB shares who don’t want to own CYBG shares can elect to retail their CYBG entitlement via a special share sale service. Sale proceeds will be paid by a certain

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