Nas The Most Popular Space Company Right Essay

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Space programs employ perhaps some of the smartest people that have ever lived. The application of physics, calculus, chemistry, biology and other sciences make this a very complicated subject. There are many companies which have some involvement with space. NASA, the most well-known, is a government run and funded operation. It has been the most successful in its 50+ years of existence. SpaceX is the most popular space company right now. NASA doesn’t launch any piloted missions currently, it only supplies and satellites. SpaceX is trying to revolutionize the way we fly by creating rockets that can land back on Earth to be used again. SpaceX’s Falcon 9, has been designed to launch satellites into space. However, they want to reuse the rocket for later missions, so the rocket comes back to earth and lands vertically (“Falcon 9”). Another well-known company is Boeing. Boeing is an Aerospace company and they manufacture space crafts for NASA. Americans are not flown to the international space station from America, it has become too expensive and with trillions of dollars in debt, the United States population would not support the program (Imam). Also, with such limited space on the international space station, launching one American would cost way too much money. American astronauts go to Russia and launch to the space station with Russian Astronauts. Yes, money has become a big issue with the space program. American simply can’t afford the small missions to the moon or to…

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