Narrative: a Trip to the Zoo and the Affects of Natural Creation

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Carlton Day III

A Trip to the Zoo and the Affects of Natural Creation

Far more efforts have been made to reverse my temperament imposed by surrounding circumstances than I can recollect; however, never has this been achieved so naturally, as the unprompted excursion to the North Carolina Zoo. My girlfriend and I decided after five years together that it was finally time to visit her hometown of Mocksville during our long weekend break back in late July of this year. The plan was to stay at a relative’s home, but upon arrival her sister was merely in transition to this new apartment; automatically this provoked a distressing slumber the first night. Where I barely dozed on a couch and my significant other, Jessie, briefly snoozed in
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Shortly after arriving, I was completely impressed at how ecological diversity of the area was and soon recognized the naturalistic habitats that make up the various regions in presentation. With the use of a map, I promptly navigated both of us north, toward the Lions’ Den that I had wanted to visit for many years. Predominantly, the male lion was most captivating, with his filled-out mane consisting of a perfect blending between two equally dominate shades of light and dark brown. Equally appealing was his muscle definition, highlighted by the thin layer of fur, exceeding that usually visible on a body builder, and paws the size of baseball gloves that were adequately supported by his proportionate limbs. Initially it took me a few moments to find these two beautiful beasts, which lay among the camouflaged setting comprised of a grassy plain, and massive rocks surrounding the exterior of their living space. Against my will, I was encouraged by Jessie to continue our journey throughout the rest of the zoo to leave ample time for all the remaining wildlife, so I pressed on. While, I could share so many details of the many animals I encountered this day, conversely I will omit my excessive rambling and talk about just one other that sincerely affected me. This transpired during my visit with the dominant primate, known as the gorilla, where I had

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