Critical Incident Analysis

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Portfolio reviewers Over the course or English 1100 I have been assigned four papers. The First paper was a Narrative Paper of an incident that changed my life. The second was an informative paper written as a newspaper article on one of ECU’s many clubs. The third article was an Analysis paper that focused on a short story out of the “T.C. Boyle Stories” book. The final paper I wrote was an exploratory paper on a subject from one of my last three papers. After writing these papers I have improved as a writer greatly but I still believe that I can improve.
As I stated earlier the first paper I wrote was a narrative paper on an incident that changed my life. The most life changing moment in my life was when I suffered a career ending
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Boyle stories. The story I chose to write about was “Top of the Food Chain”. Seeing how this story is one of the shorter short stories on the book I chose to read another story “Bird in Hand” and compare the two. This paper to me was one of the more difficult papers to write because I struggled to find a good format to write it in that would not lose sight of my thesis. But, I was running out of time so I had to write something. I formatted the paper in a pretty standard essay format that consisted of and intro. paragraph, followed by paragraphs discussing the thesis of each of the papers, and finished with and conclusion paragraph that pulled the two thesis’ together and compared them to each other. Looking back at the paper now I see that I should have added a lot more detail and discussed comparative points throughout the two stories. I realize that this was not the best paper that I have written but I believe that I learned the most from this paper compared to the other three because of the amount that I struggled with it. But with the struggle came correction and guidance from my teacher and peer reviewer and now I know that if I am tasked with another paper similar to this one I will be able to conquer …show more content…
Each time I received a graded paper back I was astonished by the amount of careless grammatical errors that were made. But, I believe that after these four papers I have greatly improved my proof reading skills. I used to think that all I had to do to proof read my paper was to read it one time through. I have learned that to accurately proofread my paper I should read it several time and also allow a peer to read it to see things that I didn’t. throughout my entire student career English has been one of my worst subjects compared math and science courses, but after taking English 1100 I believe that I have learned many things that will help me in my future endeavors in college writing in other

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