Narrative Of A Trip To Disneyland

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Have you ever been scared to ride your first roller coaster? I definitely have. Back in 2008, when I was ten years old, my family and I went on a trip to Disneyland during the summer. Immediately after we had arrived in California. Immediately dropping our luggage into our rooms, once arriving at our hotel. Afterward, we went straight towards Disneyland. One of the first rides we encountered was the big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It was a scary and terrifying looking ride. Realizing that I am going to be riding this thing, I went into a panic mode, knowing that this ride was not something for me.
Sometime in the summer, my family and I were packing for a vacation trip to Disneyland in California, a place filled with happiness. I was extremely excited for this trip. Once we left home for California, we quickly took a bus from the airport to Disneyland. Luckily our hotel was literally across from the Disneyland entrance. Once we checked into our hotel and dropped off our luggage into our rooms, we immediately walked across the street and entered Disneyland.
Entering Disneyland, we walked around till we encountered our first roller coaster. The big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The ride looked intense. Seeing a train come rushing by, I could
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Quickening, my heart began. Slowly we entered a building, dark and barely lit it was. I noticed instead of traditional ceiling lighting, there were small lanterns that miners used in caves, scattering all over the walls. Suddenly we heard news over at the front of the line "the ride will be closed for approximately ten minutes due to a safety issue on board one of the trains." Said one of the employees, I thought to myself "thank god." But later I realized that this wasn’t going to stop me from riding this thing, with the time I got, I tried to remain calm. Think of something like the ocean or even about home, then a few minutes past, again they started boarding

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