Narrative Essay: What Is A Weak Disgraceful?

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Pain was all I felt after being beaten physically and mentally by the same people everyday. I’m the boy that is called ‘weak’ ‘disgraceful’ ‘unworthy’ and basically, just to sum it up, I’m known as the kid that is just a waste of space. Even my name which is Negative Dale, who is now 16 with dark hazel eyes and short compared to everyone else. Today was supposed to an enjoyable day as I turn another year old, having that word as my name only brings more fun for the ones to bully me, along with what I wear and how I look. Every minute when I walked passed I either get a disgusted look or a whisper on how terrible I am.

Lying down and looking across, the white marble tile, there were some crimson colour scattered across the floor. Feeling weak
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I slowly looked up with my hazel eyes and standing there was the person that was supposed to love me and protect me was my father, who by the way does not deserve to be called. In my family there was only my father and I as my mother left unexpectedly when I was born. I never experienced the feeling of acceptance, love or any positive emotion from other kids that I had to …show more content…
Part of my body was seen with purple welts on my ghostly skin knowing that it was a bruise. Putting on the clothes I grabbed before I showered, I looked up at the reflection and seeing myself as one of the homeless teenagers that was just disowned by their parents.

Will I ever be able to reach the light, the light that gives warmth to my heart, the feeling of hope and miracle to occur that will snatch the loneliness that was trapped by many unforgetful years of torture.

The next day, I stayed in my room afraid going downstairs to see my drunk abusive father. An unfamiliar sound, reach into my ear leading me to be curious of what the sound is. I creeped out of my room and peeked down the stairs with my head hanging low and hiding behind the wall. With the door slowly being pushed, it reminded me of a scene in one of the horrors movie. A shiny light that can be described as a glimpse of heaven can be seen once the door stopped moving, after waiting for a few second it revealed a shadow.

There standing was a women that was in her late 30’s, wearing a dark chocolate coat and white jeans. The only feature that grabbed my attention was her eyes, it had the same shade and the colour was a replica of

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