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The word Demon refers to a spew of different terminology. The word Demon often refers to a supernatural being or entity. The spiritual term does not apply to my own story. Children are innocent and don’t often see the darkness within the shadows. My father died from Melanoma Cancer when I was seven. My father's death broke that barrier between what was true and what wasn’t. the time after my father's death consisted of my brother being abusive and being bullied at school. The thoughts of self hate and loathing of everything flooded into my mind. The Demon inside my was telling me not to talk to other, telling me I was worthless, telling me every person beside me judged me. The question I have is what classifies a person or item as a
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The Late Latin version of the word Demon is a Daemon which is an unclean-spirit. The root of Demon "da-" means "to divide." Christian Greek and Vulgate used the form Daimonion as " The God of The Heathens". The earlier meaning of the word Demon meant a lesser god or demi-god. The Middle English uses another word for Demon which is hellnicht that means "hell-knight."

"Hell is Empty and the Devils are here." (Tempest I.ii) Shakespeare uses the play "The Tempest." Ariel quotes this phrase as she describes an accident she created. Ariel starts to burn a boat down and hears one of the crew scream. The character screams the quote then runs away from Ariel off the boat The quote is saying that all the evil from hell is up on earth with the faces of humans.

"The next time Satan reminds you of your past remind him of his future." (Mathew.25:41). Satan is a symbol for all the negative and evil in the world. Society blames horrible events and disasters on the entities that cannot be seen. The memories that people remember most are bad memories. The Demon in a person's mind are caused by all the negative events that happen in people's lives. Bad memories help shape who a person will become in

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