Fire Symbolism In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The symbol that I chose is Fire. Fire can describe different emotions from burning passion to destructive anger. Fire consumes, lightens and brings warmth alongside with death. Fire represents a big part of Hell, an eternal fire that burns people repeatedly for their evil deeds. When I was reading Elie Wiesel’s Holocaust book named Night many fire symbols were described.

The first representation of fire I found was religion. The image I chose was a picture of Heaven and Hell. Every religion has the concept of Heaven and Hell. Heaven being paradise and where you have done good deeds in your life. Hell being the place for sinners. In Night Wiesel writes about how he is living Hell or how Hell is on Earth. “When Sodom lost Your favor, You caused
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When I think of war I think of destruction caused by bombs, guns and other forms of weaponry. The quote that described war in Night was “Then, once more, there was silence. The last sound of the American plane dissipated in the wind and there we were, in our cemetery. On the horizon we saw a long trail of black smoke.” This quote sets an imaginary in a person 's head on a small part of war. It describes Elie’s surrounding at that moment. War means to me the idea of violence sounding better than peace. I believe war is a big part every country 's history, it changed how they lived their lives drastically. Sometimes your opponent does not want peace it wants bloods and that is when war …show more content…
There was a lot of hate settled into Nazis minds about the Jews. Hate that was propagated over and over again to hate another population of human beings. The image i chose shows a three Nazi soldier. One Nazi soldier is holding a gun to a kneeled Jew’s head. Another is watching the situation, while the other Nazi soldier looks as if he could be doing something better or be somewhere better. A quote that I found in Night ““Over there, that’s where they will take you. Over there will be your grave. You still don’t understand? You SOBs. Don’t you understand anything? You will be burned! Burned to a cinder! Turned into ashes!” This quote expressed the hate the Nazi’s felt for Jews to the point where they burned Jews alive. What I hate the most is when people discriminate other people based on what they hear or stereotypes in general for what they look like, gender and race.

The fourth representation of fire is death. Approximately 6 million Jews died because of Hitler’s systematic murders. To show the the murders of jews I used a flag with Star of David in blood. A quote that that i thought related to death in Night is “Never shall I forget those moments that murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to ashes.” This quote expresses how everything Elie believed in was being murdered, his god, his soul and his dreams. Death represents ending of one’s life. Death also represents of one’s new beginning in eternal

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