Personal Narrative Essay: The Game Of The Game

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It was the game of the season the game we had all been working hard to play and win, we had made it to the finals in regionals, win one more game and we are going to state. I put on my uniform and headed to the softball fields, nervous but ready to play. It was a home game, home games were always the best because everyone came to watch. We started warming up for the game, our first thing we did was throw the ball back and forth for a while, after that we got a little bit of hitting practice. Then we had to get off the field so the field workers could finish getting the field ready. The game finally started, we were in the field first since we were the home team. Before we started our coach called us over and started saying, “Remember at all times in this game you must trust yourself!” We broke off as a team running to our spots. We all knew what this game meant, for the seniors it might be their last game in high school. Some people would never play on this field again, that put a lot of pressure on us girls. Our pitcher, Grace, was really nervous before the game for her this …show more content…
She was always the one that kept the team together when we got down. We all were going to miss her next year. She knew she wanted to win, she knew she had to keep the rest of us positive, and she knew she had to do her job as a catcher. Grace gets ready to pitch, she swings her arm around, she watches the ball go by the batter.
The umpire yells, “STRIKE!” We all get a little bit excited but know we have to not show too much because this is just the first inning of the game. She goes on to strike that batter out. The next batter hits a line drive to our third base, Addison, she throws to first base, Taylor, who catches it just in time to get the batter out.
“Good job girls!” says Coach, giving the girls in the dug out a high five. We knew that if we trusted ourselves and our instincts we could win this

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