Personal Narrative: My Silent Meditation

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Silent meditation was an incredibly difficult, relaxing, and revitalizing activity which helped me in recollecting my thoughts that have been swirling around in my head for a while. The activity helped in focusing the mind so that you had to concentrate on only the things that are most important to you. Professor Humphreys did an excellent job explaining the preparations and how the process would be undertaken. There were five people in total who partook in the silent meditation and it felt as though nothing could happen to me in that room and nothing was wrong. The silence of the room reminded a lot of when I went onto a one hundred and fifteen mile canoeing trip in Northern Maine because of the silence. The lake was so quiet that you could clearly whisper to someone from one hundred yard away. The …show more content…
The realization of how difficult this would be hit me about five minutes in. My back began to ache and I found it difficult focusing on staying awake and keeping my breathing deep and smooth. At about ten minutes I had gotten a rhythm going and was able to breath easily enough but keeping my back straight was still impossible. Than it hit me, the calming wave of silence where I could focus into whatever I wanted. In the eight minutes that I find myself, so much stress and anxiety was released. The walk around the room was a very nice break on my back, but I wanted to get back to the silent meditation because I wanted get that feeling of peace again. When we got back to the meditation, it was incredibly enjoyable as to how little of your senses you used. It felt as if my head was empty and I could freely think. The twenty minutes went by quickly, as if I was sleeping but I know that I wasn’t. I was surprised to hear the bell chime and all the stress that had been burdening from that morning and before, really just did not seem like a big

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